Starry Night backyard special edition
Starry Night is a beautifully constructed desktop planetarium that is easy to learn.
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Brilliantly realistic, but designed for anyone with an interest in the night sky, Starry Night Backyard lets novice space explorers instantly launch themselves into the fascinating world of astronomy right from their desktops, with or without a telescope.

Watch a sunset from Mars. Hitch a ride on a comet. And learn all about those stars and planets shining over your house. Then travel through time and marvel at the night skies as seen from anywhere on Earth, from the distant past to the far future.

Starry Night Backyard invites you to experience all that and much, much more. Acclaimed by critics, educators, and home users like you, Starry Night Backyard is the ultimate user-friendly tool for exploring our cosmic neighborhood with its unrivalled realism.

Starry Night Backyard Special Edition (SE) is identical to Starry Night Backyard, except for the inclusion of Starry Night Companion, a 240 page guide to understanding the night sky using Starry Night. Starry Night Companion was written by noted Griffith Observatory Planetarium Director, John Mosley and features an introduction by Andrew L. Chaikin, acclaimed author of A Man on the Moon.


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"Starry Night is a beautifully constructed desktop planetarium that is easy to learn." - The New York Times.

"There are few experiences as invigorating as being out in the countryside under a canopy of stars on a still night. Starry Night conveys that feeling better than any other desktop planetarium. The brightness and the color of the stars are rendered so well that it is hard to believe that you are indoors." - The New York Times

"Starry Night is an impressive program that has become one of a handful I use on a regular basis. For the price, it's a steal. If you enjoy astronomy you must get Starry Night. An amazing sky simulator." -John Mosley, Sky & Telescope

"The more I used this program, the more I liked it. Of all the astronomy programs I've tried I consider Starry Night the most powerful, most elegant and most pleasing to use." -Jim Kendrick, SkyNews

"I've used sky simulator programs before, but this one is the best-and certainly the most fun...a celestial simulator of exquisite accuracy available for every home computer."-Chet Raymo, Boston Globe

"Starry Night is a superb program. In its screen representation of the night sky, it is without peer. The seamless integration of photographs of Messier objects in computer generated star fields, and the realism of those star fields, is a work of genius. The speed and smoothness of its engine are incredible. Intuitive, and with wide-ranging tools and features, this program is the next best thing to actually going out and observing. I love it." -Astronomy & Space

"Starry Night is the closest you can come to space travel without a heavy suit and a lot of training." -Popular Science

"Starry Night is effortless astronomy software that lets you go anywhere in the solar system. Watch an eclipse from a planet, its moon and the Sun, all at the same time. Recommended." -New Scientist

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System Requirements

To run Starry Night Backyard and Starry Night Backyard SE you need:

WindowsTM: PC with a PentiumTM or higher processor, color monitor, CD-ROM drive and Windows 95/98/ME/2000 or Windows NTTM 4.0 or later. Requires 24MB RAM and 50-75MB of hard disk space.

MacintoshTM: PowerPCTM or better, color monitor, CD-ROM drive and System 7.5 or later. Requires 24MB RAM and 50-75MB of hard disk space.

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