Starry Night Pro
Advanced software for the experienced astronomy enthusiast

Visually stunning, this CD has all the data you need to guide you to all the planets, stars, constellations and over 70,000 galaxies. Complete with a 240 page guidebook to finding your way around the stars, Starry Night Pro comes with stellar databases, movable horizons, internet updates and the special edition Starry Night Companion written by John Mosley, with introduction by Andrew L. Chaikin.

Retail Price: $129.95 USD ($179.95 CAD)

Starry Night Backyard
Special Edition
Discover the Universe on your desktop

Sharing the same visual accuracy as Starry Night Pro, this CD will help you identify planets, stars and constellations using binoculars or the naked eyes. Perfect for turning your backyard into your own planetarium.

Retail Prices:

Special Edition $59.95 USD ($89.95 CAD)
Regular $49.95 USD ($69.95 CAD)
ESD $34.95 USD ($49.95 CAD)

Starry Night Beginner
Your introduction to the wonders of the night sky

Your introduction to the wonders of the night sky. Few experiences are as invigorating as being out in the countryside standing under a canopy of stars on a still night. Nothing conveys that feeling better than Starry Night Beginner. It's the perfect desktop planetarium for anyone learning their way around the night sky, an ideal gift.

Retail Price: $29.95 USD ($39.95 CAD)