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From the same team that brought you the acclaimed Starry Night family of astronomy software products, Deep Space Explorer is the first program for the home user that accurately models the wonders of our universe in all their three-dimensional glory. World-renowned astronomer Brent Tully has compiled a new database of 30 000 galaxies which has never before been available in a desktop astronomy program. Each of these galaxies is sized, positioned and rotated correctly, allowing you to see the clusters, filaments and voids that dominate the large-scale structure of our universe. A special "spaceship" mode lets you fly around through this strange world, traveling hundreds of millions of light years from Earth.

Complementing the 3-dimensional simulator is Deep Space Explorer's special media player, which explains the workings of our universe in over an hour of live-action video, narrated by your personal tour guide, Star Trek: Deep Space 9 actress Chase Masterson. Learn about extrasolar planets, the formation of our solar system, and much more.

Leave Earth behind and go into the deep-with Deep Space Explorer.


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System Requirements

To run Deep Space Explorer you need:

WindowsTM: PC with a PentiumTM or higher processor, color monitor, CD-ROM drive, sound card and Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000 or Windows NTTM4.0 or later. Requires 32MB RAM and 150MB of hard disk space.

MacintoshTM:PowerPCTM or better, color monitor, CD-ROM drive, sound card and System 8.6 or later. Requires 32MB RAM and 150MB of hard disk space.

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