Starry Night Deluxe versus Starry Night Pro

s an owner of Starry Night Deluxe, you would probably like to know what is new in Starry Night Pro. We have designed Starry Night Pro to maintain all the functionality which you enjoyed in the Deluxe version, while adding many new features which will make Starry Night Pro an even more useful and enjoyable tool for finding your way around the heavens.

As a courtesy to our customers, we offer upgrades to existing owners of Deluxe. Deluxe owners can order an upgrade online, or order by phone at 1-800-252-5417 (U.S. and Canada only). Please have your Starry Night Deluxe registration number handy when you order. If you order the upgrade, you will receive a complete printed Starry Night Pro User's Guide and the Starry Night Pro CD.

The new features in Starry Night Pro can be split into three major areas:

Please read on for a description of the new features in each of these areas.

New & Better Data


Starry Night Pro includes the complete 100 000 star Hipparcos Catalog and the 1 000 000 star Tycho catalog (in addition to the 19 000 000 object Hubble Guide Star Catalog included in Starry Night Deluxe). These new catalogs have far better data:

Deep Space Objects

In addition to the new star catalogs, Starry Night Pro includes the 60 000 object PGC catalog of galaxies (not in Deluxe) and better information for the NGC/IC catalog. For both these catalogs, you can:

Comets, Satellites & Asteroids

Starry Night Deluxe allowed you to add your own comets, satellites & asteroids using the Orbit Editor, but devoted hobbyists found it quite time-consuming adding new objects one-by-one, and editing the elements of satellites as they changed over time. Starry Night Pro solves these problems. It ships with text files with data on 200 prominent asteroids, 75 comets, & 150 satellites, which are then automatically read into the program. maintains up-to-date versions of these files on our website, so you only need to download these files every so often to update the positions of these objects. As a bonus, any prominent new comets or spacecraft will be in the newer files. Users can still add special objects not in these files using the Orbit Editor, or by appending their own text documents of orbital elements to those that ship with the program.

Export Sky Data

With this new feature you can automatically export data on all objects displayed on screen in a convenient text format. Combine this with Starry Night Pro's custom controls to create datasets for almost anything you can think of. A few examples:


Starry Night Pro adds two new Internet features:

Improved Appearance

Starry Night Pro lets you make the sky look even better and more realistic than did Starry Night Deluxe. The new features include:

More Custom Control

Starry Night Pro provides the ultimate level of customization. You can "tweak" almost every label, colour and setting in Starry Night to arrange your screen and star charts exactly the way you like. A few examples of new custom controls: